Chamber of Commerce

In many towns across the US the local Chamber of Commerce is an important and driving force in the community, especially when it comes to local business matters. Los Osos is no exception and the Los Osos Chamber of Commerce. according to its mission statement the Los Osos Chamber, which also serves the Baywood Park area strives to “create, maintain and improve

an environment which is conducive to the establishment and successful operation of business enterprises in our community.” What some may wonder though is just how they do that. Here are just a few of the ways:

Newsletters: The Los Osos Chamber of Commerce Newsletter is released on a monthly basis and member companies not only have the chance to advertise in it but also to share important company news with the rest of the local business community and the community at large.

Mixer Events: Networking is a huge part of the success of any local business community. The Los Osos Chamber of Commerce hosts a monthly mixer that allows members to interact with one another and to potentially form new alliances and gain new exposure. The Chamber also hosts business seminars that offer companies additional promotional opportunities.

Chamber Directory: The Chamber maintains a directory of its membership that is openly accessible to the public, which allows them to discover more about the products and services available in their own community. To access the directory you can click here.

Community Events: The Los Osos Chamber of Commerce hosts a number of community special events throughout the year. These events include a Business Showcase, a $50,000 Hole in One Golf Tournament, a Community Auction, an Oktoberfest Celebration and even a Christmas Parade. All of these events offer businesses a huge promotional opportunity through sponsorship as well as the chance for their officers to interact with the public directly.

For more information visit the Chamber of Commerce website