Locac – Los Osos Community Advisory Council

The success of any town or city often depends upon not only the actions of its politicians and elected officials but on the actions of its citizens as well. LOCAC  – The Los Osos Community Advisory Committee – is an organization made up of local citizens who are concerned about many different aspects and issues that affect the city and its residents – everything from land use and parks and recreation to things like parking and transportation.

As a purely volunteer organization made up of non politicians LOCAC does not have an official political powers but theirs is a voice that is heard, and respected, by local government. LOCAC serves to act as the voice of the citizens of Los Osos in matters that affect the Morro Bay.

LOCAC meets every fourth Thursday of the month at the Southbay Community Center. All of the meetings are open to the public and comment is always welcomed and invited. The LOCAC board is made up of two elected officials from each of the four residential sections of Los Osos and each elected representative is called upon to serve a four year unpaid term.

LOCAC now also consists of several different subcommittees – each devoted to a different issue that impacts the area:

Land Use Committee
The Land Use Committee meets every second Thursday of the month at the South Bay Community Center. At each meeting members discuss and review many different issues related to land use in the area. For more information members can email Mimi Whitney at costaloilartists@aol.com

Parks and Recreation Committee
This group meets every first Tuesday of the month at a member’s home. For more information residents can email Paul Malykont at mepps@charter.net

Transportation and Circulation Committee
Devoted to any and all issues related to transportation in the Los Osos area this committee meets every first Thursday of the month at the South Bay Community Center. For more information residents can email Fred Dellagatta at fdellagatta@yahoo.com

LOCAC and its subcommittees does not receive federal or state government funding with the exception of a small grant from the District 2 Supervisor that pays for hall rentals for meetings and other small incidentals. LOCAC can accept personal donations from the public of up to $50 and all monies raised are used to further community outreach. For more information about donating or becoming involved in other ways residents can email queries to locac@locac.us.

For reference, the following is a list of elected LOCAC representatives serving in 2012:

   Vicki Milledge

Vice Chair
Fred Dellagatta

Carolyn Atkinson
Mimi Whitney

1st District Representatives
Mimi Whitney
Chuck Snead

2nd Disrtict Representatives
Steve Paige
Linde Owen

3rd District Representative
Fred Dellagatta
Paul Malykont

4th District Representative
Janice Rohn
Alissa Feldman

Appointed by Supervisor
Dick Parker
Vicki Milledge
Carolyn Atkinson